The Thailand Amended Copyright Act 2022

A positive step forward in IP Law in Thailand and a new hope for Copyrighted Ownership Protection by updating legal issues of Copyright Infringement on Online Platforms: Each year, the exponential growth of social media along with easily accessible E-Commerce platforms, the IP landscape regarding copyright infringement has changed dramatically. For example, the copyright issues [...]

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RWT IP Enforcement team collaborates with DSI on the successful Anti-Counterfeiting Seizures of over 24,000 Luxury Items.

RWT International Law Offices would like to thank the Department of Special Investigation for their collaboration in the investigation and Anti-Counterfeiting actions which led to the subsequent criminal raids at multiple warehouses near the Lao Border Region. The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) had initiated an online surveillance investigation which then focused on an individual online [...]

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2021 Annual Destruction Ceremony of Illegal Counterfeit Goods

This week the IP Enforcement Division was invited as the representatives for our numerous Brand Protection clients in our IP Investigation/ Enforcement Division. The Department of Intellectual Property in conjunction with the Ministry of Commerce  had organized this Live Event for the Annual Destruction Ceremony of Intellectual Property Rights Infringing Goods. The department destroyed [...]

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RWT International Law Offices advances Gender Equality thru WEP.

RWT International Law Offices advances Gender Equality thru the official signing of the Women’s Empowerment Principles in association with the United Nations and European Union.  RWT International Law Offices is proud to announce our official recognition as the 14th company in The Kingdom of Thailand as well as one of the first privately owned [...]

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Celebrating December 5th as a day of remembrance and gratitude!!

As December 5th is celebrated as a national holiday of father’s day in Thailand in remembrance of the birthday of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Since his death on the 13th of October 2016, this holiday acts as a way to honor and remembrance for the late King Rama XI, who passed away [...]

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What Comes Next? The rise of E-Commerce and important opportunities for the future!

No sector of the economy has been put in a stranger spot by the Covid-19 crisis than e-commerce. Some e-commerce players have gone bust, while others like Amazon have cemented their place as cornerstones of the global market. For most e-commerce leaders, their stories land somewhere in between those extremes. Even so, with 75 percent of millennials buying [...]

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The Ministry of Commerce conducts first ever Live Streaming Destruction Ceremony of Counterfeit Products

On September 9th 2020, the Office of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Commerce in conjunction and including all levels of law enforcement, legal enforcement representatives, as well as brand representatives joined together for a unique Destruction Ceremony coordinated worldwide thru live stream and in person at the Ministry of Commerce. The Deputy Minister of Commerce, Mr. [...]

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RWT to finalize future collaboration with the Korean Trade and Investment Agency (KOTRA)

RWT International Law Office is proud to announce the official signing agreement with the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency "KOTRA" and RWT to provide key opportunities for both countries in both IP and Corporate matters. We would like to thank Kriddipat Na Bangxang, the Director of IP matters at RWT, for bringing our two International [...]

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RWT supports the “Juneteenth” Holiday with a day of reflection and remembrance

June 19th 2020-  RWT International Law Offices proudly supports the “Juneteenth Holiday” and “ Black Lives Matter” with the office closed for the holiday and the entire  RWT team were invited to one of the most special Temples in Thailand for a day of bonding, giving, remembrance as well as a time for learning.  Juneteenth [...]

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The King Power Business Awards – Entrepreneur of the Year

RWT would like to thank everyone involved with the 3rd Annual King Power Thai Business Awards in cooperation with The British Chamber of Commerce and Thai Airways. Over 300 guests were on hand at this gala event recognizing both the Thai and Expat Communities for their outstanding and innovative work as well as Thai Entrepreneurs [...]

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