RWT International Law Offices would like to thank the Department of Special Investigation for their collaboration in the investigation and Anti-Counterfeiting actions which led to the subsequent criminal raids at multiple warehouses near the Lao Border Region.
The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) had initiated an online surveillance investigation which then focused on an individual online seller of luxury counterfeit brand-name products in big volumes. After gathering the relevant evidence and logistical supply chain, the DSI Team succeeded in conducting multiple criminal raids simultaneously at two unnamed secret warehouses located near the Laotian border this past week on the 19th February 2022.
The RWT IP Enforcement Team then assisted DSI to obtain the search warrants needed while also coordinating all of the critical information needed with the “ RWT Rapid Response Team” to assist investigating on-site of the two locations in ROI ET and MUKDAHAN provinces near the Laotian border.  During the enforcement action, the teams were also successful in the interception of the Vehicle shipping this illegal products from Lao to Bangkok as well on Friday Evening.
As a result of this large coordinated operation, there were over 24,703 pieces of several counterfeit brand-named goods discovered by the combined teams which have been seized from this series of raids and the apprehension of the online seller along with all suspects involved in the investigation being arrested.
On behalf of all the Luxury Brands that RWT International Law Firm represents Worldwide, we would like to once again thank all the DSI Officers, Online Investigators, and Enforcement Teams for conducting such a successful operation and teamwork involved.