Blockchain Service


The distributed ledger technology behind blockchain brings with it significant opportunities to offer new services and drastically change business models now and in the future. As the blockchain ecosystem evolves it will pose an array of challenges − for businesses using it, for their suppliers of, and for their customers. Not the least of these challenges is the need to address inconsistent and often vague legacy regulations that vary across multiple jurisdictions, while looking ahead towards regulations yet to come. As with all new advances in technology concerning the internet, the challenges are to keep the law as current as the technology advances and to educate those who are not informed. Even as consistant as the rise in demand for tailored services in this area are at the moment, the vast majority of people are just beginning to understand more and more about it.

To navigate this rapidly evolving world, businesses need access to experienced and comprehensive legal support that can assist in achieving compliance and managing risks. RWT provides an experienced team dedicated in providing the services needed in this global area.


RWT Internationals block chain group offers both strategic regulatory and transactional guidance to companies in nearly every business sector, among them Internet and social media companies building content databases; banking, insurance and other financial services companies reducing transaction processing times; healthcare companies using tokens to secure medical records; and agricultural and industrial companies improving their supply chain logistics solutions. And we assist companies at every stage of the business life cycle, from early-stage startups raising funds through blockchain-enabled means to commercial institutions operating at the intersection of finance and technology.

Our global and international partnerships help to create a unique unit that combines the collective experience of lawyers from all divisions throughout the firm sharing their guidance and expertize. As a boutique law firm, our team is not bogged down like larger international firms and equips us to offer clients assistance while navigating this ever changing legal and financial landscape. Our legal team and consultants offer assistance on issues relating to:

  • Initial coin offerings, token generation events and similar blockchain-enabled methods of raising funds
  • Anti-money laundering, sanctions and similar regulations
  • Transmissions of funds, currency conversion and similar money services issues, including KYC requirements
  • Commodities issues created by certain token models
  • Tax considerations, including international structures and tax rationalization
  • Intellectual property protections, including open source matters, smart contracts and IP transfers and management
  • Worldwide data protection compliance and cybersecurity matters

Our professionals at RWT advise clients on all these matters upon leveraging the blockchain in nearly any area or field including any type of project. Let RWT put our experience and insight to work for you.