Dispute Resolution

Commercial disputes in business worldwide, including Legal Dispute Resolution in Thailand, have become much more difficult to navigate, and therefore need special guidance and advisement. With international business growing at an incredible rate and the ever-changing regulatory requirements involved, the need for qualified and experienced attorneys to help protect your business through these challenges is paramount for your overall success. The stakes can be high with a potential global impact as a result. Bearing this in mind, you must be prepared for anything. Organizations and individuals are beginning to look at matters proactively to reduce their overall risk. When matters such as these arise, bringing them to a conclusion in a cost-effective and efficient manner is the primary goal.

To achieve our clients’ specific needs, experience in the Global community is paramount. RWT represents clients in all stages and areas of domestic and international litigation, both in established and emerging markets worldwide. With a team of experienced litigators, we regularly advise and counsel in areas of antitrust, arbitration, M&A, intellectual property, environmental law, and commercial disputes as well as many other key areas of business both in the Kingdom of Thailand and throughout the ASEAN and worldwide community.

Litigators who specialize in our Firm have represented clients before all types of trial, appellate, regulatory, and alternative dispute resolution tribunals. We are also recognized for our class action work with our team handling cases for both Thai and international clients. With these core strengths in hand, our ability to consult our clients in relation to the growing regulatory requirements in the UK, the United States and Europe help provide the advice and counsel needed in this fast-paced world.

From the onset of a dispute all the way through to conflict resolution, RWT will assist our clients in making well-informed decisions. We advise some of the world’s largest corporations, sovereign governments, executives and directors. They trust in us to guide them through their most significant litigation challenges and to keep them up-to-date and well informed in the process. Our experience gives us the insight to advise on complex issues that can accompany both large and small yet sophisticated transactions.

Risk management and Compliance are key points to help avoid a disruptive, large-scale litigation. We offer our clients the tools necessary to assist and guide them in implementing measures for overcoming such challenges. With our guidance and knowhow, we will help to ensure that all means have been exhausted before becoming embroiled in long and lengthy dispute. If such a dispute arises, we ensure that both RWT and the client are prepared with the proper resources, experience, and knowledge to reach a prompt and successful resolution.