Software License Compliance


Our License Compliance Division at RWT steadily provides the safety and security that companies desire for their IP technology. We assist companies across a wide range of industries serving to provide companies the ability to advance, commercialize, guard, license, share, and exploit technology and intellectual property (IP) assets.

RWT LC Division is there to protect and provide the investigative and enforcement of compliance in IP and their technological properties by structuring, drafting, and negotiating effective licensing agreements thereby changing the uncompliant consumer to a fully compliant customer.

This experienced In-House Division recognizes the flow of IP rights in technological companies and the know-how to protect businesses while defending their core assets. Our team recognizes and is proactive while also having to navigate a complex web of multinational licensing arrangements with relevant stakeholders, such as founders, consultants, manufacturers, distributors, and other technological software companies.

RWT licensing experience covers vital LC industries, including software, semiconductor, 3D design, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), e-commerce, and fintech. Our experienced attorneys, engineering & design specialists as well as support staffing help content owners and distributors establish successful partnerships that license brands effectively. Our team is there to protect the future value of the IP while also attaining coverage in new geographic markets, thereby enabling our staff to expand the protection and enforcement. As part of our LC unit, we have also dedicated teams who have extensive experience negotiating exclusivity, branding and IP rights, as well as advising on license restrictions in relation to device and territorial distribution. As RWT continues to explore other emerging markets in the future, we continue to compete in the global marketplace to the highest standards and we are driven by our focus on our clients as well as achieving positive results.

As the IP market shifts to new areas of critical importance, RWT uses the extensive knowledge and experience in investigations and enforcement to support companies in protecting and commercializing IP matters. The firm’s attorneys and consultants support clients in creating licensing agreements that effectively mitigate data privacy as well as security risks, ensuring contractual arrangements that address the compliant export, access, and use of data.

When IP disputes arise between different parties, RWT is able to call upon our IP Litigation team to handle such matters involving all types of IP claims, including and in combination with related claims of antitrust, contract disputes, unfair business practices, as well as other related causes. Let RWT protect your PRESENT and your FUTURE licensing now and safeguard your intellectual property.