Corporate & Secretarial

Legal Administration and Compliance
The administration of legal entities is increasingly challenging, with no two companies the same due to the cultural and systematic changes in the laws that govern each market around the world.

Multinational companies are found increasing in demand of those who possess the skills needed in the day-to-day operations in such countries where they may not be privy to the demanding requirements needed to satisfy their obligations in each jurisdiction.

RWT can offer clients this service and furnish the proper team for the successful completion of the compliance cycle for companies both large and small.

Legal Administration
With RWT, things such as compliance filings, managing routine corporate changes and retrieving any official corporate documents from official registries (such as certificates of good standing) that your strategies may require are all part of the ever-growing requirements of our compliance division.

Our experienced company secretaries, lawyers, and paralegals are ready to keep companies fully compliant in today’s increasingly regulated environment. They pride themselves on their detailed knowledge of their jurisdiction; its laws, customs, and culture helping them deliver the right service at the right time and filing it in the right place.

A Single Global Supplier
With different reporting requirements in each jurisdiction around the ASEAN community, RWT offers a team with a highly knowledgeable core. We aid our clients by providing staffing with the ability to standardize the results of your local and international entities’ compliance activities. At RWT, we provide businesses global visibility with transparency thereby putting those companies in good corporate standing within the international community. As we think about the present as well as your future goals in your company, let RWT provide the benchmarks needed to accelerate your company’s growth worldwide.

Providing a Range of Corporate Secretarial Services

Our services include:

  • Directorships and officers services
  • International Entity Management – Stay compliant across multiple jurisdictions through a single point of coordination and a dedicated point of service.
  • International Corporate Entity Report – Get a snapshot of public information held on your company in any of the countries in which you operate.
  • International Corporate Entity Health Check Report– Identifying areas of non-compliance, including all legal registration and incorporation details, full company name, registered office address, current directors, shareholders, share capital, verification of minutes and statutory filings made (including submission of financial accounts)
  • Registered offices-Establish a registered office to be the official address of your incorporated company, association, or other legal entity. RWT may also help you find appropriate physical premises for your offices via our office brokerage service, available locally and globally through our partners.