R.W.T. has been built upon the strong foundation of our Intellectual Property division. Our IP Team is supported with high-caliber talent and in collaboration with strong local, regional, and international cooperation. As such, R.W.T. is known as a leader in the IP community with experienced Attorneys focusing on IP, trademark, and patent matters.

Our patent and trademark attorneys have unique experience in the investigation and enforcement of intellectual property rights worldwide. Our experienced team provides assistance in areas including, license compliance, trademarks, patents designs, copyright as trade secrets as well as others.

Our investigative and enforcement team provides our clients with services that include all areas of IP matters including strategy, portfolio management, investigation, litigation, valuation and contracts which enables our clients to benefit both locally here in Thailand and also Internationally. We also work closely with IP agents and contacts in over 38 countries worldwide to offer our clients support throughout the world.

Our clients include both well-known local and international companies in various fields of industry including information technology and software companies, consumer goods, clothing/fashion, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and electronics. Our firm handles both complex and intricate IP portfolios of multiple companies in various areas throughout the ASEAN region.

With the need for transparency paramount when dealing with IP issues and the current changes in IP law both locally and abroad, our ongoing partnership and synergy with our governmental counterparts around the world help expedite our cases in a timely manner for our clients.