Information Technology (IT)


Are you a sole practitioner or a member of a small or mid-size law firm?

Do you need assistance managing your litigation documentation, understanding of, or complying with all relevant privacy issues as hacking and employee theft continuer to rise elsewhere in this world?

When attempting to navigate or circumvent such matters, it is important to have a legal team from a trusted firm like RWT. Our Attorneys and support staff recognize the importance of experience in this area and minimize potential risks wile protecting the client and the brand as well.

E-Discovery attorneys advise on both regulatory issues and risk mitigation as it pertains to the storage and use of electronic data and the documentation in the litigation process.

Legal work in this area often involves Privacy Laws, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and a multitude of provisions and statutes around information storage and disclosure

E-Discovery clients are businesses addressing information governance policy, records management policy, or questions around data access for litigation, audits, or government investigation.

At RWT, our focus is on our relationship with our clients. By providing satisfaction in a proactive and outside-the box fashion, we can best serve and protect our clients wherever they may be and whatever situation they face.