This week the IP Enforcement Division was invited as the representatives for our numerous Brand Protection clients in our IP Investigation/ Enforcement Division.

The Department of Intellectual Property in conjunction with the Ministry of Commerce  had organized this Live Event for the Annual Destruction Ceremony of Intellectual Property Rights Infringing Goods.


The department destroyed over 572,076 items, which were worth roughly 503 million baht (approximately 1.8 million USD). The ceremony was streamed live through Zoom to provide access to Brand Representatives with a safe and secure environment in which to watch the ceremony. This has been the second  internationally viewed on presentation of its kind since the Covid Restrictions in Thailand.

This annual event and ceremony which consists of destroying recovered merchandise that had been in violation of the intellectual property laws of the Kingdom of Thailand. This special event takes an important step in resolving infringement issues while also showing the active participation between Law Enforcement, Customs, and inter-agency commitments to the infringed brands.


The infringing products seized were sent for destruction using one of two methods. Pirated and counterfeit goods such as clothes, bags, and other combustible items were incinerated at the facility in Saraburi Province. All items and products that could not be burned or recycled, including car parts, bearings, and so on, were destroyed using an industrial crusher at the facility in Chon Buri Province.

Due to the current needs of clients, Thailand continues in its attempt of providing a more transparent, fair, and verifiable way that complies with the obligations under the World Trade Organization (WTO) framework and environmental standards.


This online event would also be another positive example internationally of building confidence among international trading with countries and investors. With positive steps being taken in Anti-Counterfeiting areas in Thailand as well as ensuring intellectual property owners that active measures and efforts are being done proactively to continue the task to eliminate all infringing goods which are being sold illegally in The Kingdom of Thailand.

Thank you to all those Agencies involved, brands representatives, law enforcement, and all the hard work of the RWT Enforcement Team!

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