The IP Enforcement Division of RWT, in conjunction with the Suppression Division of Intellectual Property Violations under The Royal Thai Police as well as our client, conducted a raid action on the 16th of December 2020 for the successful apprehension, identification, an seizure of thousands of counterfeit Sports Jerseys, Football Club Jackets, Accessories as well as other sports products.

Thru the invaluable efforts and detailed assistance of Law Enforcement, in particular the Suppression Division of Intellectual Property Violations under The Royal Thai Police, the information and evidence gathered was critical in supplying the chain of evidence from the online marketplace as well as the supply chain logistics to the RWT IP Enforcement team who collaborated in on the legal enforcement of the raid action. This was a coordinated effort against the target who had been using Social Media as the platform for the illegal sale of these counterfeit goods. Over the course of the past few months, the Suppression Division of Intellectual Property Violations had continued building a case by gathering evidence for this operation as well as for the subsequent raid on the Warehouse.
During the operation, a large number of counterfeit products were uncovered including counterfeit jerseys and jackets copied from the Top International Football Clubs. As the brand representative for these and other top international brands, RWT remains dedicated to our clients who remain vigilant in their tireless efforts to protect their loyal fans from unknowingly purchasing counterfeit products thru their anti-counterfeiting efforts.

After collecting and verifying the products as counterfeit, it was calculated that a total of over 5000 counterfeit products were seized.