June 19th 2020-  RWT International Law Offices proudly supports the “Juneteenth Holiday” and “ Black Lives Matter” with the office closed for the holiday and the entire  RWT team were invited to one of the most special Temples in Thailand for a day of bonding, giving, remembrance as well as a time for learning. 
Juneteenth is a special time for RWT to show our support to America but also the International Community. The tragic case involving “George Floyd” and so many other examples of those lost to violence due to racial profiling as well as cultural differences have heightened tensions during these difficult times but also provide a non-violent opening to bring the issues to the forefront of our society worldwide as we strive for peace and understanding in the future.
As one of the active leaders of a Culturally Diverse workplace here in Thailand, RWT has created a model of success with a blueprint for numerous asian business industries. Our Cultural Diversity Initiative “One Team One Dream” which was recognized by LAW.com earlier this year and explored our vision of an all-inclusive workplace.  With a team consisting of different races, cultures, colors of skin, sexual orientation, and gender equality with an majority female workplace of 82% and 90% Female Senior Leadership including our MD in a primarily male-dominated industry. At RWT, we understand and support changes in oversight with reform to provide each with the freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights.
Therefore, out of the deepest respect for the suffering that has been placed upon the Black community in America, and which has endured countless cases of violence and racial injustice over hundreds of years while making June 19th (Juneteenth) a very special day with an even more important impact this year.
“Juneteenth” is an official Remembrance Day for “ the Freedom from Slavery” while also providing some a way to show recognition and remembrance for George Floyd who was tragically killed after being chocked to death before our eyes as well as so many other victims of violence. Over the past few weeks, numerous people unknown to each other and from different socio-economic backgrounds have risked their lives peacefully protesting for reform and justice together. As well as these attendees, numerous police have joined the struggle showing compassion and understanding in what is a difficult if not impossible situation for them.
As a sign of respect and “Day of Solidarity” for our family, friends, and clientele living in America, the staff of RWT International Law Office will celebrate the day by closing for business in support with numerous other companies and collectively travel on a spiritual pilgrimage to one of Thailand’s holiest temples outside Bangkok on Friday, June 19th. RWT will gather together a a team of unique and culturally diverse individuals for 81/2 minute prayer in memory of George Floyd as well as all those adversely affected.
Now, more than ever, it is critical for all races to find moments of connection as an International Community.
We hope that other companies in Thailand will join us and ask that you take the day to honor the historic pain caused by, and lives lost to racial inequity while continuing to celebrate racial diversity worldwide. This is an opportunity to continue to learn and connect with each other while also to reflect on how we can move forward and achieve permanent and lasting change.
We can and must be better for our present, our respect for those who fought for a better tomorrow, and for future generations.