RWT in conjunction with UL and the Department of Special Investigations Financial Crimes Division were honored to host the “Project Cerberus” Training event at DSI headquarters including key members of the DSI Enforcement Authorities Team who were in attendance on the 28th May 2020.

As an independent law enforcement agency, DSI and the Financial Crimes Division in particular have been tasked by the Government to identify, uncover, enforce, and disrupt the supply of all counterfeit items pertaining to healthcare in part by the expanded demand due to the current pandemic facing both our front line workers as well as consumers.
In collaboration with RWT and the Deputy Director of Financial Crimes specifically, we were able to bring our international client UL into the spotlight with the purpose to highlight the initiative of “Project Cerberus” as well as educate and update the exact law enforcement personnel tasked an charged with enforcing such actions around the Kingdom.
Over the course of the training event, the RWT Enforcement team provided an up-to-date account of the products that UL has been targeting as well as information regarding details of the products and identification of the counterfeit healthcare products as well as how such items being counterfeited are a danger to the welfare of consumers.
This training and events like these being planned in the future have proven essential for law enforcement officials as they have now been introduced to the products as well as the authentication and verification process when they come across such items and seize them in the future.
With the 22 DSI Officials in attendance, RWT was able to share and educate a key branch of law enforcement who are specifically tasked to investigate and protect against counterfeiting and profiteering in these matters concerning health care consumer products. We thank everyone in attendance for their tireless effort as they continue to face the challenges in attempting to counteract the influx of counterfeit goods from entering into the Kingdom of Thailand.

A special Thank you again to Khun Piyasiri Wattanavarangkul “Khun Boy” of the Director Bureau of Illegal Financial Crimes for you quick coordination and collaboration with your colleagues and all matters pertaining to the training

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