RWT was recently honored to host the National Workshop on the Identification and Enforcement of Counterfeit Goods in International Trade organized by React and RWT in conjunction with the IP Enforcement Authorities this past October.

As co-host of the event, RWT invited Thai IP Enforcement Agencies which included The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), The Customs Department, The Economic Crime Division (ECD) and The Department of Special Investigation (DSI). Over the course of the event and subsequent training, RWT and Brand Representatives from around the world gathered to provide law enforcement with the most updated tools and training to combat counterfeit goods from entering the Kingdom of Thailand as well as identifying sellers of counterfeits in the marketplace.

Miss Nusara Kanjanakul, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Intellectual Property presided over the training which was attended by 63 officials from the law enforcement community. The afternoon workshop following the content portion of the training provided the officials with up-to-date information and identification of the counterfeit goods. We are very pleased with all of the positive feedback we have received from the Thai authorities and look forward to planning more workshops in 2020.