Business in Thailand continues to expand from time to time attracting more and more foreigners to invest or set up a business. Foreigners not only invest in existing companies, but also create businesses of their own. Also, most of these companies focus on expansion across the Kingdom.

Thailand continues to rise economically since its government has consistently given incentives to the business world. These incentives include the permission to own real estate property in the country based upon satisfying all of the requirements. Joint ventures are also encouraged and fortify the bond between countries and also giving business organizations more profitable options.

Business organizations in Thailand are classified into companies, partnerships or sole proprietorships. Other classifications include a branch office, a representative office or a regional operating headquarters. To decide on the most appropriate business organization to establish, the knowledge, expertise and experience of a Thai attorney is required. They are experienced in the complexity of Thai laws as well as the realities of business practice in the Kingdom. Also, a Thai attorney can be of valuable assistance in business registration. This is an important step and is the first requirement that all businesses need to comply with. Thai attorneys prepare all of the documentation as well as properly these requirements with the specific government agencies. Our team provides years of experience in this area and removes the complexity for our clients.

When you are establishing a business in Thailand, RWT team of experienced Thai and Foriegn attorneys and support staff consult and can assist in every step of the process, from the simple process of business registration to the more complex offshore investments. With mutual partnerships around the globe, our team can take the hassle out of any of your investment needs.

RWT can provide valuable assistance   in handling tax liabilities of companies. Our Attorneys are experts in the field and provide our clients with protection from incorrect assessment of tax liabilities, focusing on preventing overcharging and other similar occurrences. Tax exemptions and incentives provided by the Thai government are explained clearly to our clients.

With the establishment of a business in Thailand, RWT smooth the process with the use of our experienced and well trained staff.