Over this past week, RWT, along with our clients and React members joined together in collaboration for organizing and the implementation of these interactive training sessions.

Specifically designed to provide IP Law Enforcement Agencies with educational updates in a group setting as well as actively listen to feedback and participate in discussions on what specific challenges enforcement entities face at this moment in terms of identification , and confirmation.
The goal of these events is to identify new standards and strategies regarding Brand Protection an Authentication in the Anti-Counterfeiting efforts in Thailand.
These unique types of seminars provide Brand Enforcement Representatives an interactive as well as informative way to directly impact enforcement officials by applying the additional hands-on workshops held each afternoon following each seminar. This open and positive environment developed to assist enforcement officials to improve upon the efforts to positively impact Anti-Counterfeiting actions regarding pirated goods.
Thank You once again to React for Co-hosting this event with us and all those attending as well.