As our ASEAN community continues to work together for a better tomorrow, we are beginning to see the positive results firsthand. As an important part of the greater Mekong Delta, Cambodia and Laos are emerging as some of the fastest growing economies in the world. Both countries offer significant opportunities for American exports as part of their economic growth and integration into the world economies. With that in mind, AMCHAM Thailand and the U.S. Commercial Service Bangkok arranged a special event “Products and Services in the Cambodian and Lao economies”. This event was held on March 15th at the Conrad Hotel for members to hear more about the business opportunities in Cambodia and Laos directly from the American Ambassadors from both countries. Included in this half day conference was a featured panel of noted speakers from each nation to provide overviews of the Legal, Tax and Security issues. These relevant issues facing American companies when planning to bring their product or service to these emerging markets is a vital topic and the attendees were enthusiastic to know more.

American Ambassador to Thailand Ambassador Davies and Mrs. Davies with Kevin Harrington International business Consultant from RWT

American Ambassador to Thailand (Ambassador Davies) with his wife

Embassy event peopleSecond floor and Private Residence for Networking event at American Embassy

Second floor and Private Residence for Networking event at American Embassy

Numerous companies were in attendance to hear various speakers throughout the day relay critical economic information to potential companies who sell American products and services.

What made part of this event so successful was the ability for a select number of AMCHAM members to speak privately with both American Ambassadors who were on hand for the event. Ambassador William Heidt, from the U.S. Embassy Cambodia and Ambassador Rena Bitter, from the U.S. Embassy Laos held private meetings with business leaders including RWT and answered questions to topics that were more specific to each company’s business needs. Included in these meetings, the foreign service and commerce department were on hand to express how the environment in their respective countries would help promote such products and services.

American Ambassador to Laos Ambassador Rena Bitter with Kevin Harrington International Business Consultant at RWTAmerican Ambassador to Cambodia Ambassador William Hiedt with Kevin Harrington from RWT International Law









At the conclusion of the event, all guests were invited across Wireless road to a special evening in the American Ambassador to Thailand Personal Residence. Ambassador Davies with his wife Mrs. Davies provided a warm welcome and relaxed atmosphere which concluded what was a successful day with networking, cocktails, and wonderful foods prepared by their personal chef at the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand’s residence.

Sponsors for this event: DFDL, Tilleke & Gibbins, International SOS, and Control Risks

Kevin Harrington and the celebration of the 200 year treaty between Thailand and America

American Ambassador to Thailand (Ambassador Davies) with his wife

American Ambassador to Cambodia

(Ambassador William Hiedt)

American Ambassador to Laos

(Ambassador Rena Bitter)