We are very pleased to announce that effective June 1st, 2024, Khun Phusit Yamgate will resume full-time operations with LC – Litigation Division as a Senior Litigator.

Recognizing his dedication and commitment to excellence as an experienced litigator in the courtroom, Khun Phusit was elected by the Lawyers Council of Thailand in July 2023 in which he was appointed to the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection while also providing continuing support in the LC – Litigation Division. In this role, Khun Phusit has continued to build upon his previous experience while focusing his efforts in helping others while practicing pro bono cases representing those in both the private/ public sectors.

As the Litigation Division continues to experience positive growth while also offering more diverse and challenging cases, it is our pleasure to welcome Khun Phusit back to a full-time Leadership Position. We wish him continued success both now and in the future with RWT.