We are very pleased to announce that effective as of June 1st, 2024, Khun Raksina Srimuang has been promoted to the role and job title of Associate – License Compliance, while continuing to report to TU.

Since starting her career at RWT in June 2022 as an Administrator in the IP Prosecution Division, Khun Raksina embraced the role while also continuing to gain valuable insight and experience in all aspects of the firm.

As a member of the RWT Team, Khun Raksina has consistently shown her support to actively provide assistance in matters wherever possible. She has actively taken part with the IP Enforcement Team to support in matters regarding investigations as well as providing additional support to the Litigation Division when urgent matters or situations have arisen as part of our rapid response team in such matters until her full-time placement at the firm in the position of Paralegal to the Litigation Division.

In addition to her full-time position at the firm, Khun Raksina has continued to spend her evenings focusing on preparing herself for the Lawyer License test where upon completion she will be granted this additional certification and qualification in June 2024.

Over the past two years, Khun Raksina has continued to develop the professional skills necessary in the day-to-day operations involved with both Law Enforcement Officers and Governmental Officials in support of various Litigation matters as well as continuing to provide support to our Debt Collection Team.

Our thanks and congratulations go out to Khun Raksina for all of her positive contributions and ongoing dedication to the team and the firm. We look forward to her continued growth and bright future in the firm.

Thank you for all of her dedication and hard work!