Arunrung Mahanontharit

Head of Human Resources/ Director of International Relations

With over 20 years of extensive experience, Arunrung specializes in various facets of Human Resources (HR) management, including Internal Relations, Workplace Experience Program development, Global Mobility coordination, International Payroll Service management (both in-house and outsourced), HR Expatriates Services facilitation, Organization Data Management, HR Planning & Staffing strategies, Recruitment processes, HR Systems & Controls implementation, and Corporate Learning Organization establishments.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (First class honors)

Professional Qualifications 

  • Work experience abroad: Malaysia, Belgium, Singapore, The Netherlands, Guam (U.S. Territory), and India
  • Certified in the Leadership in Action Course, July 2023
  • Certified in the Professional Counseling Certificate Program, March 2024
  • Experienced in broad spectrum of HR Management, Strong tactical skills and Communication Interpersonal skills and now IP Law.

Area of Practice 

  • HR & Organization Management
  • Business Analysis & development
  • International Payroll Service (In-house & Outsourced)
  • HR Expatriates Services
  • Data Management
  • Event & Engagement program execution
  • HR Planning & Staffing
  • HR Systems & Controls
  • Corporate Learning Organization
  • Workplace Experience Program
  • Management of personnel

Languages other than Thai 

  • English
  • Basic of French