Wasamol Laomorakot


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Professional Experience

Wasamol Laomorakot is an Associate in the IP Enforcement Division of RWT. While providing support in multiple areas of our Intellectual Property Division, Wasamol has gained invaluable knowledge in multiple areas within the IP team and firm. Her experience includes the preparation and disseminating of critical IP issues regarding matters relating to license compliance, copyright, trademark, litigation as well as negotiations. As an Associate at RWT, Wasamol has proven herself to be a confident and reliable resource in our investigation and enforcement division as well as offering assistance in numerous areas of our IP practice. As part of the legal team at RWT, Wasamol will continue to play a vital role in the day-to-day operations as she assists on multiple cases for our IP Enforcement Division. This includes collaborating with government agencies and law enforcement as well as being a primary point of contact as a liaison to our international clientele in brand protection matters. Her abilities include leading the investigation team thru the evidentiary process, the preparing of and consistent updates of investigation reports, while also determining the proactive measures needed to recommend to clients for further legal proceedings.

As a key member of our IP team, Wasamol has assisted with a wide range of Copyright /Trademark matters which have continued to help her growth as part of the RWT Team and has the experience in advising, filing, and submitting all types of legal documentation as needed. As a presenter and representative of our Brand Protection Team during onsite trainings and workshops, she has used her proficiency in speaking multiple languages to share and educate members of the law enforcement community on topics involving updated developments in the identification of infringements as well as collaborating with the Senior Staff to assist in all areas of client services worldwide.

Professional Qualifications

  • Thai Qualified Lawyer, Lawyers Council of Thailand
  • LLB, Chulalongkorn University

Area of Practice

  • Intellectual Property
  • License compliance
  • Copyright Law

Languages other than Thai