Kevin J. Harrington

International Business Consultant

T +66 2 261 2850
F +66 2 261 2851

Professional Experience

Kevin is the International Business Consultant at RWT and as such is responsible for developing and managing the execution of focused marketing, branding, and business development strategies for the firm and as an advisor in the International Business Community.

Working in tandem with the Managing Partner and all the RWT team, Kevin consults upon the development of a comprehensive business development strategy for the firm and its practice areas. His role includes identifying key business development opportunities, and subsequently coordinating with the corresponding attorney’s teams to attract new business while also following thru on these opportunities from concept to execution.

Over the past decade, Kevin has continued to build upon his strong connections within the business community both here in Thailand and abroad. While previously serving in a similar capacity in America, he has built a deep understanding of the complex dynamic involved with clients after a successful career advising both Thai and International companies. While previously working in state and federal agencies in America, Kevin developed his experience in the complexities of economic development as well as consumer protection for the safety of those citizens from retirees to minorities in the culturally diverse areas of the east coast. Working with both public and private sectors over the years, his experience includes representing the state and local government on a multitude of issues. Such areas include issues regarding Healthcare initiatives, Prescription Drug coverage, Affordable Housing and as a supervisory body including casework for elder Americans rights.

As an owner in various businesses over the years, he offers a unique perspective on both the social and economic trends that help to provide business with increased development and expansion at all levels.  Kevin continues to work closely with the various Chambers and Associations in Thailand to expand the business development efforts of the firm and create new opportunities for growth. He also provides support for our existing client relationships as well as providing updated trainings and workshops presented to Administrative Agencies and Ministries.

Since arriving in Thailand, Kevin has established a Leadership Training Program which is still in use today by many Thai and International Corporations. His Training and Corporate Consultation work here in Thailand has allowed him to develop key business relationships in several fields such as Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Real Estate/Land Development, Entertainment, Government Ministries, and CSR.

As a consultant, his ability to work with a multi-cultural staff in various industries and countries provides RWT with insight to initiate growth in expanding areas. While continuing to generate new avenues for continued development and expansion, Kevin will assist the team at RWT in the key areas of economic growth and sustainability as a global partner within the International and ASEAN business communities. While continuing to gather key intelligence on emerging markets and industry trends, Kevin then relates that information to provide our attorneys with an understanding of the landscape and to position the firm for increased effectiveness in engaging new business and cross-marketing opportunities.