Arunrung Mahanontharit

Director of International Relations / Head of Human Resources / Executive Assistant to CEO

T +66 2 261 2850
F +66 2 261 2851
M +66 9 1782 9186

Professional Experience

Arunrung is now supporting our CEO in all HR management matters. Her key focus falls under 2 parts; one is to build strong work fundamentals in RWT in line with the company core values, the other one is to develop our staff to their full potential since they are the most valuable asset to fulfill our company mission.

Equipped with over 13 years’ experience in broad spectrum of HR Management, under the following department;

Global Mobility, International Payroll Service (In-house & outsourced), HR Expatriates Services, Org. Data Management, HR Planning & Staffing, Recruitment, HR Systems & Controls, Corporate Learning Organization, and Workplace Experience Program.

Key strengths:

  • Strong tactical skills and Communication Interpersonal skills
  • HR Management & Project Execution
  • Org Management
  • Business Analysis & development
  • People Management

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University with first class honors
  • Work experience abroad: Malaysia, Belgium, Singapore, The Netherlands, Guam (U.S. Territory), and India

Area of Practice

  • HR & Organization Management
  • International Payroll Service (In-house & outsourced)
  • HR Expatriates Services
  • Data Management
  • HR Planning & Staffing
  • HR Systems & Controls
  • Corporate Learning Organization
  • Workplace Experience Program

Languages other than Thai

  • English
  • Basic of French