Accounting Services

RWT Accounting Services

As an integral part of our clients lives, RWT is pleased to offer specialized divisions on hand to provide both General Accounting and Tax Planning services which gives each client a convenient one-stop array of services for your private and professional needs in Thailand. If you have started or are in need of starting a business in Thailand, you will then be in the need of services such as a top quality affordable accounting firm in Thailand. At RWT, we currently have a wide array of clients from multiple countries and industries who have included our accounting services to their RWT Portfolio. As an addition to our business and commercial lines of service, the focus on our clients needs as well as the positive and cost-effective results have aided us with clientele who have started off with our company registration service and who are now regular accounting clients as well. As a boutique international firm, RWT can offer an array of valuable accounting services as listed below.

Value Added Tax

Once you start a business in Thailand or within 60 days after the business reaches the income threshold, any person or entity who is liable for VAT in Thailand must register to be VAT registered person or entity.

Business Tax

Any Thai company which has been incorporated under the law of Thailand is subject to tax in Thailand on its worldwide net profit at the end of each accounting period (12 months). As a primary pillar in our accounting division, please feel free to speak to us anytime about your business tax needs and we are sure to offer the best solution available.

Financial Statements

As your company begins and grows please sit down with our experienced team to speak to us about having your financial report maintained and completed by our team. This financial statement will also bring legitimacy in the global community when becoming an official record of the financial activities of your business in Thailand. From Fintech companies to cross border firms, RWT is there every step of the way.

Bookkeeping Services

A key part of any successful business, Bookkeeping services are one of the straightforward financial reports that are usually misunderstood or undervalued in a company. Having someone to watch over your assets as well as your profits is critical each month when having a business in Thailand. Our experienced and well-organized team of financial specialist’s aid clients in preparing all reports for your business accurately and in a timely fashion.