Work Permit Services

When it comes to living and working in the Kingdom of Thailand, overall, one of the most important issues for foreigners is that of becoming a legally documented worker in the Kingdom of Thailand. Therefore, a work permit is necessary to be legally compliant. At RWT, we have developed our English-speaking Immigration team to reflect that. With numerous years of experience in the Immigration field, our specialists provide our clients with the attention to detail and  the results they need for prompt efficient and cost-effective services.

Consisting of the top Immigration Attorneys and Support staff to personally care for our clients, this vital division within RWT is dedicated to leading you, our clients, through what can be described as the somewhat tedious process of obtaining a work permit. Making the procedure as effortless as possible is our goal as well as in furnishing all aspects of your work permit documentation and the ensuing filing processes. From start to finish, RWT is there every step of the way removing the stress and confusion that most of our foreign clients have dealt with or heard of in the past when researching legal employment opportunities for foreigners residing here.

Under the relevant Immigration Laws in the Kingdom of Thailand, no foreigner attempting to work in Thailand can do so without first obtaining a work permit. With the ever-changing rules and regulations regarding a work permit, it can become a nightmare and also a monotonous amount of paperwork being involved in getting a work permit in Thailand. In ideal cases, the employer is responsible for applying for the work permit on behalf of a foreign employee. However, if that is not the case, the employee will be responsible and required to do this by themselves. For both corporate and individual foreigners who are not familiar with Thai laws in general nor the overall processes involved with the filing of Thai paperwork and also the Thai government officers who generally speak only Thai, this can prove challenging.

As listed below, RWT is here to offer you all the services required in obtaining a VALID work permit.


The Key Legal Requirements needed for a valid Work Permit in the Kingdom of Thailand

Our team of specialists will assist you in the application process. Next, we will then submit the documents for processing on your behalf to the Labor Department and Immigration Office. The dispensation of the application will take roughly (10) working days depending on completion of the submitted documents. Also, in order to qualify for a work permit, the following key requirements are essential to move forward with the process:

  • A corporate entity must have at least 2,000,000 Baht in registered capital for 1 foreign employee.
  •  A foreign employee must have a salary rate in accordance with those specified in the Order of Royal Thai Police (e.g. a foreign employee from EU countries (except Russia), Canada, Japan and USA must have a salary in the amount no less than 50,000 Baht) A foreign employee must not be a restricted person entering into the Kingdom of Thailand (e.g. a foreigner who illegally enters into the Kingdom of Thailand and waits for deportation.) A foreign employee must not be employed in the job/position which is reserved for only Thai people (e.g. lawyer, tour guide, architect, and engineer)
  • There must be 4 full-time Thai employees for every 1 foreign employee.

Employee Provided Documents Necessary

  • Your Passport and a copy of each page of the passport signed by the employee.
  • Your Departure card TM.6.
  • Your Education degree along with a signed copy.
  • A CV which must list the details of your previous positions, duties, and place of employment.
  • 3 photos of the employee in business attire.
  • A Marriage certificate, if married to a Thai national. With this, wife’s ID card, household registration and birth certificates of children.

Remark: Other documents may be required by the responsible officers.

Employer Provided Documents Necessary

  • Company Certificate and shareholders list certified by the Commercial Registration Department, Department of Business Development.
  • A Factory License.
  • A VAT certification and VAT filing.
  • Social security payment filing.
  • Withholding tax submission.
  • Financial statement

Remark: Other documents may be required by the responsible officers.


RWT International Law provides immigration and work permit specialists whose goal it is to deliver our clients a hassle-free method in which to attain or renew a work permit in the Kingdom of Thailand. Our team of dedicated specialists are tasked to fulfill and comply with all Thai regulations in regard to your work permit while maintaining and completing all of the paperwork, documentation, submission of, and representation needed for a successful transition to the Thai workforce.

There are different type(s) of work permits as per the immigration Laws and regulations in Thailand. They are issued for a specific period of time with some being renewable under certain conditions. Our highly skilled legal team will offer you an in-depth analysis of the work permit visa that will be practical for your business situation. In addition, our experienced team will painstakingly observe all the legal procedures related to obtaining a work permit thru the Thai Administration.

RWT International Law Offices has been effectively serving our clients through a quick and cost-effective approach. Our clientele is representing various backgrounds and fields of business activities ranging from the digital nomad to the largest of corporations.

Please feel free to call us at 02-261-2850 or by email at for a free preliminary consultation. Our dedicated staff of English speaking lawyers, Attorneys, and support personnel are here to provide you with proven results and a focus on our clients’.