Supporting our clients around the globe

At RWT International Law, our focus is derived upon offering a wide range of legal and professional services in a boutique law firm setting. Representing clientele both locally and internationally, RWT provides boutique style personalized service to provide the most cost-effective results for our clients. Whether your needs involve a routine commercial matter or the most sensitive and intricate of litigation, our Corporate team at RWT will represent you every step of the way. As well as and including a wide range of delicate Intellectual Property matters, our goal at RWT is to provide impeccable service to our clients with proven results.

As our world continues to connect globally from a social and economic standpoint, RWT offers the insight and experience to navigate the challenging and ever-evolving business world around us.

From setting up an SME to Corporate and Personal Finance, International Trade, Fintech, E-Discovery, and Intellectual Property Rights, RWT remains at the forefront of these areas of law as well as many others.

While offering a diverse selection of skilled and experienced Attorneys, Paralegals, and Support Staffing, our well- rounded team delivers our client’s decades of invaluable experience. We uphold that our main goal at RWT is, first and foremost, to provide every client with the personalized service and attention to create a long-term relationship while maintaining a powerful presence in the global market.