At R.W.T. International Law, we fully understand the impact of globalization and the effect it has both legally and financially. With various opportunities for growth for International Business clientele, the risks involved have also increased dramatically. The complexities of multiple emerging markets and the intricacies of such an undertaking opens numerous questions that need to be answered. As a client of R.W.T. you will be provided with a dedicated team to assist and provide proactive answers to those questions.

R.W.T. provides experienced litigators to protect our clients while providing legal assistance in many distinct areas. Our Legal team advises on the complexities of doing business in the International community. With our assistance, our clients are advised with the most updated information and cost-effective measures at our disposal. R.W.T. has a truly Global perspective in which our lawyers provide a thorough understanding of the marketplace.

Our Investigative and Enforcement Divisions at R.W.T. are on the forefront of Intellectual Property rights and protection in Thailand. With the needs of Intellectual Property Enforcement being paramount, R.W.T. has been proactive and progressive in this ever-expanding IT community. From establishing themselves as a results-driven firm, R.W.T. has developed an elite rapid response team solely dedicated to Intellectual Property Enforcement and Investigation. This time-effective response to the growing cyber threats plaguing the IT community has increased our ability to provide value and cost-efficient options to our valued clients. Our ability to provide value with quick proactive results has made RWT a strong representative in matters of Software License Compliance as well as all other areas of IP investigation and enforcement.

RWT also provides a wide range of Risk Management Services, including Forensics, Risk assessments, and Security reviews, In-depth due diligence, Pre – employment screening, security support, and fraud /compliance management as well as audits while also including forensic investigations.