The Madrid Protocol System: An Advantage or Disadvantage to Trademark Owners

One of the most widely talked about issues in legal circles lately has been a discussion of the Madrid Protocol, which is the Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of Marks. After much debate and research on the topic, Thailand finally decided to join this Protocol after it had appointed a [...]

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Takedowns! New information regarding the updated Copyright and Computer Crime laws

Online transactions are dominant in every industry sector, both public and private, and all industry leaders around the world are focused on this type of transaction due to the relative efficiency and ease of use. As our ability to receive goods and services online continues to grow worldwide, our economic policies have to reflect that. [...]

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Occurring over a three-day span from July 19th- July 21st, 2017, RWT successfully conducted training at three critical customs locations where some of the highest volumes of goods are being shipped into and out of the country. These locations were The Port of Bangkok, The Port of Laem Chabang and Suvarnabhumi Airport. Each area is crucial for [...]

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July 25th, 2017 RWT on hand for signing of clean energy project

On Tuesday, the 25th of July 2017, RWT was honored to be on hand as the legal consultant for QTCGP at the ceremony and signing of the purchase and sales agreement between QTCGP, LOXLEY, and LEONICS as well as serve as their legal representative thru this process. The project entailed the purchase of clean solar [...]

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Press Release- Destruction ceremony

  On the 10th March 2017 was Thailand’s Annual Destruction Ceremony located at the 11th Infantry Regiment of the King's Guard Military base. Opening the event was Mr. Prawit Wongsuwan, the Minister of Defense in Thailand who in conjunction with the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand both welcomed all in attendance and called for continued [...]

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The Exceptional Insight of His Majesty the King as an Inventor and Intellectual Property Holder.

From his accession to the throne of Thailand at only 19 years old, His Majesty King BhumibolAduljadej proclaimed his dedication to rule with righteousness and above all to focus on the betterment of all the people of Thailand. For over half a century, His Majesty has devoted himself to make these benefits a reality for his [...]

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Business in Thailand, Thailand Law

Business in Thailand continues to expand from time to time attracting more and more foreigners to invest or set up a business. Foreigners not only invest in existing companies, but also create businesses of their own. Also, most of these companies focus on expansion across the Kingdom. Thailand continues to rise economically since its government [...]

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