The Post-COVID future of outsourcing and the positive effects on the Food Industry in Thailand

The Post-COVID future of outsourcing and the positive effects on the Food Industry in Thailand As we look around us in the news or on social media sites, we have found that we are looking at a situation worldwide that has strongly affected the economies around the world, but also has provided many with the [...]

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Authority Training to fight against counterfeit Healthcare products for COVID-19 situation

Authority Training to fight against counterfeit Healthcare products for COVID-19 situation RWT in conjunction with UL and the Department of Special Investigations Financial Crimes Division were honored to host the “Project Cerberus” Training event at DSI headquarters including key members of the DSI Enforcement Authorities Team who were in attendance on the 28th May 2020. [...]

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RWT & REACT InternationalTraining for Law Enforcement

RWT was recently honored to host the National Workshop on the Identification and Enforcement of Counterfeit Goods in International Trade organized by React and RWT in conjunction with the IP Enforcement Authorities this past October.   As co-host of the event, RWT invited Thai IP Enforcement Agencies which included The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), [...]

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New points system for traffic violations in Thailand to begin mid-year 2019

In an effort to combat one of the worst traffic situations in Southeast Asia, the legislature has taken steps to apply western style enforcement and up-to-date data with linked databases to ensure safety. With all of the changes upcoming to drivers of motor vehicles and motorized bikes of all kinds, keeping your license will now [...]

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The Coordinated Program & Technical Support Cooperative

The Coordinated Program & Technical Support Cooperative This cooperative was established in order to prevent and suppress the trade in counterfeited and pirated goods online between Thailand’s Action Taskforce for Information Technology Crime Suppression (TACTICS) and The REACT U.A. (REACT) Cooperative representing over 300 brands worldwide. Pursuant to the government policy and in a joint [...]

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Thailand’s New Trade Competition Act: A Paper Tiger or Effective Enforcement?

On October 5th, 2017, the new Trade Competition Act B.E. 2560 (2017) (“2017 Act”) become an officially enforced law. It has replaced a previous competition law in Thailand, i.e. the Trade Competition Act B.E. 2542 (1999) (“1999 Act”) which had remained relatively unchanged for almost 20 years. The reasoning behind the enactment of the 2017 [...]

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New Standards set to Protect Employee’s rights: The Amendment to The Labor Protection Act

As the current Labor Protection Act (the “LPA”) has been enforced since 1998 (B.E. 2541), it is now not suitable to the current situation and most importantly several provisions are not currently protecting employees’ rights fairly and properly. The Ministry of Labor, an organization who oversees such matters, initiated and then proposed to the Cabinet [...]

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Boardroom Briefing: Thai Computer Crime Act

On Tuesday 7th November, BCCT, teamed up with AMCHAM, AustCham, CanCham, NTCC, EABC, FTCC and ITCC, organized a BCCT Multi-Chambers Boardroom Briefing on IP Changes in the Thai Computer Crime Act at British Business Centre. Speakers, Panisa Suwanmatajarn Partner of RWT International Law Firm and Police Lt. Col. Naughtakid Phomchan Cybercrime Specialist, Technology Crime Suppression [...]

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The Madrid Protocol System: An Advantage or Disadvantage to Trademark Owners

One of the most widely talked about issues in legal circles lately has been a discussion of the Madrid Protocol, which is the Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of Marks. After much debate and research on the topic, Thailand finally decided to join this Protocol after it had appointed a [...]

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Takedowns! New information regarding the updated Copyright and Computer Crime laws

Online transactions are dominant in every industry sector, both public and private, and all industry leaders around the world are focused on this type of transaction due to the relative efficiency and ease of use. As our ability to receive goods and services online continues to grow worldwide, our economic policies have to reflect that. [...]

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